I dedicated all my life to help people. By finishing medicine with specializing the addiction medicine I am doing my best in every moment to share as much information I can from my long-term experience to effect people. My blog makes excellent material also for medical professionals giving them the opportunity to be updated.

This blog presents a real fulfilling treasure box of many informative articles, tips, advice, reviews, audios, and videos which will inform people about healthcare news and medical advancements in the best possible way. Health is everywhere, starting from politics in healthcare to outnumbering inspirational stories of various patients. The community just must be aware of the important issues that are surrounding their country’s healthcare system. With useful and relevant information about quality, safety, and healthcare finance I believe it is much more possible that people will seek possible solutions to better the system.

I focused many parts of this blog on the importance of proper education for everybody, starting from doctors, patients to all people in surroundings and how every person may be very helpful in this global fight for the better healthcare system. I also have a goal to provide very interesting information about trends regarding health security, regulations, and security which will help anybody to choose best appropriate health practice. Quality healthcare is everybody’s right; it shouldn’t be a privilege I am doing my best to realize this by making my blog a kind of a starting position for all the people to think like that.