Apr 04

Opioid Problem In The USA

By Minnie Collins | Opioid problem

Opioid addiction in the USA has reached epidemic proportions and USA without any doubt has the dubious honor of leading in the world. This is one of USA worst ever crises in history. More than millions of Americans are suffering from opioid addiction. Levels of risk are that high it even influences, and it is becoming a threat to national security and economy. The USA as the richest country in the world has declined life expectancy for years now.

There is more than one cause why America has the biggest problem with opioids than any other country. One of this causes is abnormal medication prescribing. There is no universal healthcare paid by taxes in the USA, mostly is privatized system of care, so individuals must get their insurance which especially for poor people pays only for some pills. No one wants to pay for physical therapies, and if does it requires a lot of paperwork. And as you imagine results of this situation is prescribing a lot of opioids known as painkillers.They affect the nervous system and act as a pain reliever.  Especially cheap heroin which is very accessible and very similar to other opioids in prescriptions.  This similarity encourages addicts to find these two as alternatives which leads to frightening consequences. Advertising on TV, which is allowed only in the USA and New Zealand, is also one of the causes that support this epidemic where people with minimum knowledge and education about medication are in greatest danger. Aggressively marketing the opioids as best low-risk solutions for almost any chronic pain was leading way to disaster. But more frightening is the fact of poor training of doctors and medical staff in the area of addiction and pain treatments.

Need to act is urgent because picture about this can’t be more clear and more dangerous. This is a disease, and it needs to be recognized like that. It is not a moral failure; it is public health epidemic which can only be stopped with proper access to medical counseling and treatments. This is mostly considered as a most effective method of getting people off opioids for good. Encouraging other strategies for dealing with pain and regulating law about prescriptions in combination with reducing supplies by right law enforcement could be a great start winning this battle.

A whole new way of thinking is needed which will be able to normalize and rationalize the drug use reality radically.

Mar 28

Choosing The Best Health Insurance

By Minnie Collins | Health Insurance

Health insurance that will cover everything you need and fulfill most of your expectations may be difficult to find. Importance in this quest is to make your requirements meet your plan. Also, the essential purpose of health insurance is to help avoid the potentially high cost of medical care. Remember to pay attention when your employer offers you numerous different plan insurances, that all should meet the Affordable Care Act. While finding the plan that works for you try to check these several factors that may be of help.

Check coverage limits and options

Every good plan should not consist lifetime benefit maximum. If you cannot find a plan like this try to choose the highest available maximum and the annual maximum you will be able to afford. Situations like ones with cancer surprise people by reaching this limit very quickly.

Count up your maximum costs

If having a poor health better option in your case will be to choose the plan that will cost you the least amount of your pocket for the entire year period. If your health is relatively good, you may stick to the plan with the lowest premiums or middle ones.

Make a maximum of your health insurance

By reading the benefits booklet make sure to understand thoroughly different rates of different services. Check with the insurance company and verify coverage before any medical procedures. Also while receiving medical bills make sure to dispute any mistakes that are made. All this could take some of your time, but you will see later how important it was to make sure not to pay more than you are required.

Out of pocket expenses

This is indicating the amount you have to pay out of your pocket before your insurance starts paying covering part of the cost. It is important to check how much are the co-payments and co-insurances. Co-payment includes upfront cost you pay to go to emergency room, doctor or specialist and co-insurance is the amount of each bill you are responsible for insurance pays their part. The most common deal about coinsurance is 80/20, where your part is 20 percent of the amount.

It could seem mind boring but having good health insurance is a modern necessity. Having a solid understanding of the basic options you have a right on will save you much more money, time and any ache you can even imagine. Take your time and think about it.

Mar 21

Healthcare Types

By Minnie Collins | Types

Healthcare is an organized way of medical care delivered by the healthcare providers in order of maintaining the health and well-being of the individual. Professional providers may be found in psychology, dentistry, nursing, medicine, pharmacy, etc. This act is consisted of taking necessary medical procedures to improve person’s body and mental functioning.

Health service delivery systems are responsible for providing needed care to individuals, families, communities and whole population in general. It is not only patient-centered care which is focusing on the individual seeking care, but there is also people-centred care which is focusing on the importance of community in shaping health service and policies.

There is a whole spectrum of care, starting from preventions to diagnostic, promotions, rehabilitations to care types like home care, long-term care and hospital care and similar. They all exist to provide efficient help and improve the efficiency of the health service delivery system. To make it all easier to understand here is the information about three basic types of healthcare which could get a clearer picture. They are made by the patient condition.

Primary healthcare

Its primary goal is better health for all. It is focused on health equity beyond the traditional healthcare system as the first point of contact for healthcare for most people. It deals with a wide range of psychological, social and physical problems. It is increasing rapidly developing in both the developed and developing countries. It is increased by the growing number of patients with diseases like diabetes, back pain, anxiety, and depression. Five elements are made by World Health Organization to achieve the ultimate goals in this sector. Integration of health into all sectors, an adaptation of health services to individual’s needs, the formation of universal coverage forms by reducing social disparities, increased stakeholder participation and seeking collaborative models of policy dialogue are these five key elements.

Secondary healthcare

Patients with primary health care are referred further to a medical specialist who does not have direct contact with patients. These can be cardiologists, urologists, dermatologists, etc. This policy may vary from country to country.

There are two systems in this level of healthcare. District and County Health System, where the first one is focused on child health and maternity care and the second one, which receives referrals from the District system, providing general medicine, obstetrics, gynecologic services and general surgeries. This one is available 24 hours a day.

Tertiary healthcare

Is like the third level of the health system which receives a referral from primary and secondary healthcare providing advanced medical investigation and treatment. For example services like burn treatment, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, cancer treatments and cardiac surgeries are typical services in this area.